Saturday, July 16, 2005

DAnne's Movie Picks

Listing of Flicks D'Anne had Seen

1. Batman

This was a refreshing and intelligent why to depict Batman and was more real. The story of the Shadow masters, the fact that the crime of Gotham City was really Chicago in the old comic books and while being film in Chicago gave in a more real showing of criminal element. I love this one, and would look at it again.

2. Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Was ok and interesting fun, and had a few twist in how the relationship can go wild, it remained me of one I had.

3. Star Wars Worse!

The acting sucked! Too plastic too much like a cardboard it the go called I love you Luke scenes gez!

4. War of the World - Sucked - Stupid Gez!

If indeed the people of planet earth acted like this then this is why the aliens felt that they had to be killed off as a specie but again I would not have wasted one dollar on a space development program to come here and that over.

For one I would know by the action of the people the place must have some very powerful germs ready to kill me once on the planet. Then the acting my Tom Cruise and others would have caused again Martian and or space alien to flee the scene.

And if indeed we act this stupid (hmm maybe they are right here looking at some of the things currently happening in the world) then we may as well just kill ourselves. It's like the son who was "CRAZY" to say the least who had limited vocal skills who just wanting to play alien fighter with a rock and his leave it to beaver hat! This was a very stupid film and as they would say in that old margarine commerical. "I can't Believe I saw the WHOLE THING! GEz"